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• 9/29/2018

Favourite species?

What is your favourite sentient species in the edge chronicles?
  • Oakelves
  • Waifs
  • Slaughterers
  • Goblins
  • Fourthlings
  • Banderbears
  • Shrykes
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• 9/14/2018

Edge Chronicles 20th Anniversary Fanfiction/Fanart Contest

Hello! The Edge Chronicles Wiki is hosting a new competition, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the book series, which everyone can join. All you have to do is create a piece of artwork or fanfiction regarding any aspect of the Edge Chronicles and the Edgeworld this September and October. Basically you just have to either: create fanfiction between 300 and 1000 words, a piece of fan art, or a combination of the two, for the chance of becoming the Professor of Light or the Professor of Darkness of Sanctaphrax. Your submission must be appropriate for all ages or it will be disregarded. All entries should be emailed to by 1st November 2018 (12AM midnight UTC) and we will publish the results as soon as possible. If you win this competition, your work will not just be presented on the main page of the Edge Chronicles Wiki, but you will also win bragging rights and eternal glory. So what are you waiting for? Get involved and most importantly have fun! Please do not hesitate to email if you have any questions. For the full rules, see .
20 Years Contest Rules
20 Years Contest Rules The Edge Chronicles wiki
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• 8/27/2018

Sky-scholarship useless? And questions about the nature of Sanctaphrax

Somewhere, I don't remember where, I read a description of the edge chronicles that described sky-scholarship as essentially producing heap amounts of useless knowledge.

And I'm not really sure if that was an accurate description of sky-scholarship but then again, it sounds kinda true. I don't really remember when we hear of sky-scholar knowledge being put into practical use other than when they predict the coming of Great Storms which is knowledge solely used to obtain stormphrax to weight down Sanctaphrax despite earth-scholars believing that this could be avoided if they studied the rock itself.

This does kinda make it seem like sky-scholarship only helps to replenish itself. Earth-scholarship on the other hand we see being usable in breeding and caring for prowlgrins and in medicine just to mention some things. I guess I probably have missed something (reading the pages of this wiki I realize I have forgotten a lot of things).
But do you believe that this assumption is wrong somehow?

Some other questions I have is about the viaduct schools of Sanctaphrax.

First one: what is the deal with the School of Potions and Poisons?

A school that sells mixtures and things, including animals, from the Deepwoods? I don't really get how it is different from earth-scholarship, especially considering how some people living in the Deepwoods (like Celestia Helmstoft) were "fluent" in medicine made from remedies found there, because they studied the flora of the forest.
So what is the difference?

Also, I guess this one is difficult to answer, but how many people went to each school in Sanctaphrax? The School of Colour and Light Studies is a viaduct school and is concerned with painting which, at least in our world around the renaissance, was a huge deal.

So if the people attending this school are among the only people on the whole edge who are capable of painting pictures, and we consider the number of painters per capita to be similar to the one we find in 16th century Europe. Then, taking into account that they probably only created commissions for a few inhabitants in Sanctaphrax and Undertown (both of which probably does not even hold a million citizens combined) do the numbers then add up as there only are a handful of painters in the whole edge? Or do each of the Viaduct Schools actually hold dozens of students while the greater schools hold several hundreds?

I got a bit off course there on a question that probably no one can answer but if you have an idea, please tell me.

My last question is the easiest to answer I guess: what was the true nature of Sanctaphrax as a nation/city/city part?

For as long as I can remember I thought of Sanctaphrax as some sort of university part of Undertown, where the educational facilities where located, but reading the page of Sanctaphrax just days ago I guess it's a city state now?

And they looked down a scholars who had risen from Undertown? I guess it makes sense that some scholars lived and died in Sanctaphrax but what did they feed themselves with? In a throwback to my first question about the usefulness of sky-scholarship, did their knowledge contribute in any way to the economy of Sanctaphrax? Or was the great rock purely sustained by its monopoly on flight rocks? And if so, what upheld this monopoly? The Knight Academics? Against the Leagues? How!?

Thanks for reading!
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• 8/10/2018

Edge Chronicles Read-Along until The Descenders

Edge Chronicles Read-Along until The Descenders

The Descenders will be published March 9th, 2019. In preparation for the upcoming release, we invite you all to join us in a series read-along. We will be discussing each title during the allotted reading periods on the Edge Chronicles Discord in the #read-along channel. The Discord sever can be accessed by using this link: .

Join in!

The read-along will be done according to the in-universe chronology:

Cloud Wolf 4th - 10th August
The Curse of the Gloamglozer 11th - 24th August
The Winter Knights 25th August - 7th September
The Stone Pilot 8th - 14th September
Clash of the Sky Galleons 15th - 28th September
The Sky Chart 29th September - 5th October
Beyond the Deepwoods 6th - 19th October
Stormchaser 20th October - 2nd November
Midnight Over Sanctaphrax 3rd - 16th November
The Slaughterer's Quest 17th - 23rd November
The Last of the Sky Pirates 24th November - 7th December
Vox 8th - 21st December
Freeglader 22nd December - 4th January
The Blooding of Rufus Filatine 5th - 11th January
The Immortals 11th January - 1st February
The Nameless One 2nd February - 15th February
Doombringer 16th February - 1st March
The Descenders March 9th -
Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers Discord
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• 8/6/2018

Love flat-head goblins, dislike banderbears

I haven't read the cade saga yet (but i have just ordered the books) and don't want spoilers, but in the first trilogies and the immortals, flat-head goblins are always portrayed as evil or corrupt to some extend while banderbears are good and even intelligent enough to fly a skyship.

I have already noticed that a poll placed the banderbear as the most popular create in the series but am i really the only one that wasn't annoyed by this?

To me the portrayal of banderbears put me off to no end because they seemed to be perfect despite being primitive creatures and i really couldn't find anything remotely interesting about them. Even during "beyond the deepwoods" i despised the banderbear and rooted for the wig-wigs.

Later when flat-head goblins would be featured i would yearn for that the next short-lived, flat-headed character would turn out to be portrayed positively and get closer to the main characters over a longer time.

I thought the goblins were very interesting creatures and i wanted to get closer to them.
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• 8/2/2018


So i am just a fan that is like, well ok just read my name. So i really love oakelves. Just thought a discussion will be ok.
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• 7/25/2018

Ok so this is tragic WHY did Paul Stewart kill Spiker and Spooler WHY?

Like i cried 1 week ok i am a potterhead and i didnt cry this much when sirius died i mean this is so tragic like i also realy liked Forficule too but OAKELVES 4EVER
Who did u like best
  • Spiker
  • Spooler
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• 5/15/2018

Possessive redirects

I just noticed while fixing some of the double redirects that we have at least three instances of people linking to something like "Cloud Wolf's" and then redirecting that to "Cloud Wolf" (which happened to be another redirect). Why not just link to the right page to start with, you can choose to link somewhere other than just where your text says. Yes, I know sometimes this just happens, but it seems like bad practice to link to a possessive. If you see this sort of thing when you're editing, please try and fix it, I'm working on it too.
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• 5/7/2018

What are the S about? What do they stand for?
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• 4/21/2018

Publication order?

I haven't heard of this series before, but got here seeking to find out what a wig-wig was. Mention of them was made in a Whateley Academy universe story snippet, and to understand what occured in that snippit, you clearly had to know just what a wig-wig was, and I hadn't a clue; your entry was the first I found that applied, so I thank you for that.

Having found the site, there's one thing that you really need, to help those who aren't already familier with this story universe.

Namely, the order in which the books were published.

You do list the various series with the universe, and the order of the books within each series.

It's possible that those series are, indeed, listed in the order of publication, but no statement to that effect is given.

You do have a timeline of overall events, which is useful for overall continuity.

If one wants to replicate the experience of those who found out about this universe when it was first created, you really need to know the order of initial publication, so that you can read them in that sequence and have everything unfold as if you had been following it from the beginning; there's something truly special about being able to do that.

Yes, I can track that information down elsewhere. I'm sure LibraryThing has them labeled by publication order and chronological order. But, the whole idea of a fan wiki is "one-stop-shopping" for that fandom.

Just something for y'all to think about; it might help keep people here after they find you.
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• 2/28/2018

Monthly polls

Here are the polls scheduled for the next couple of months:
March: Favourite sidekick? Cowlquape for Twig. Slip for Nate. Not so sure about the other one though. Xanth for Rook? And for Quint? Maris. Tug or Celestia for Cade?

May:Which creature would you prefer to have as a pet? (Lemkin, Quarm, Prowlgrin, Nameless One, Flitterwaif, Ratbird)

June:Which kind of Deepwoods settlement would you most like to visit? (Woodtroll Village, Slaughterer Camp, Gyle Goblin Colony, Termagant Trog Cave)

July:What is your favorite Ancient One? (Caterbird, Great Blueshell Clam, Sanctaphrax Rock)

Please use this page to discuss future ideas for polls/anything you would like to change about the scheduled polls.
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• 2/18/2018

Competition Organization

The Fanfiction and/or Fanart Contest
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• 2/4/2018

Impossibilities in The Edge Chronicles

This discussion is similar to
but it is more for things that are simply logical fallacies or impossibilities, but where the books don't actually contradict each other.
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• 1/16/2018

Featured Articles

This discussion is for proposing articles that should be featured, discussing the criteria for featured articles etc.
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• 1/8/2018

Questions about the Edge Chronicles Wiki

Any questions about the wiki, editing or related stuff
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• 12/5/2017

Questions about the Edge - Forum

This replaces the old and now archived forum that can be found here:

So if you have any questions or answers about the Edge Chronicles, this is the right place.
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• 12/4/2017

The Descenders Discussion

The Descenders Predictions and Image Analysis
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This post is locked.
• 11/29/2017

What do you think about the discussions feature?

There's more info [ here]
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