A Study of Banderbears' Behaviour in Their Natural Habitat was a treatise written by Varis Lodd around the year 76 ᴇ.ʏ. While Varis was writing the book, she discovered 5-year-old Rook Barkwater in an abandoned banderbear nest.

"The yodelled communication cry is meant for one specific banderbear alone. None, not even those who may be nearer, will answer a call intended for another.In this respect it is as if a name had been used. However, because, throughout my treatise-voyage, I was unable to get close enough to one to fully decipher the language, it is impossible to know for sure. One matter appears certain. It seems to be impossible for any banderbear to deceive any other about his/her identity. It is perhaps this fact that makes banderbears such solitary animals. Since their individuality cannot come from anonymity in a crowd, it must come from isolation from that crowd."