Ambris Hentadile, most commonly known as The Professor, was the brother of Ifflix Hentadile and the apprentice of Cassix Lodestone.

Role in the Edge Chronicles

Before The Immortals

Ambris Hentadile lived in Great Glade in the Cloud Quarter. He studied in the School of Edge Cliff Studies under Cassix Lodestone but left the Academy when the Society of Descenders, of which he was a member, was disbanded due to lack of funds. Robbed of his apprenticeship, he left Great Glade and used his intelligence to earn a living by gambling aboard skytaverns.

Role in The Immortals

Ambris had been the apprentice of Cassix Lodestone before their studies were considered heresy. He met Nate playing Splinters on the phrax ship to Great Glade. He then later met him again in the gallery of Lake Landing, telling him about the Sword Miniatures. When Nate was framed for the murder of Friston Drew, he decided to flee with them. After Nate and Eudoxia got mixed up with the Hive Militia on their mission to rescue Galston Prade, they flew to Sanctaphrax where they discovered that the city was being rebuilt by mysterious men in white. Ambris recognized one of them as Linius Pallitax, revealing the Gloamglozers' plans to kill innocent Fettle-Leggers and other hopeful Deepwoods folk. When Ifflix was killed in the Ancient Laboratory in Sanctaphrax, Ambris decided to descend below the Edge to find out what was beneath, as his brother had once sought to do.


Ambris was a dour Fourthling who often wore a crushed funnel hat, which was favoured among Third-Age Scholars. He was known for gambling, but he decided to stop after thinking about what Cowlquape Pentephraxis would have thought of such behavior. He also initially distrusted Weelum, and saw him as a woodlander who had no place in Great Glade[1]. Ambris was very intelligent and his broad knowledge about the history of the Edge and Sky- as well as Earth-Scholarship gained him the nickname 'the Professor'.


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