Linius Pallitax conducting an experiment in the Ancient Laboratory.

The Ancient Laboratory was a chamber within the Heartrock of Sanctaphrax. It was the place where the ancient Earth-Scholars experimented with the creation of life itself. The Ancient Laboratory could, as well as the foolhardy experiments it was used for, could also create sky-crystals that Maris liked so much, as well as mood-salves which served to carry out different purposes in the body. 'Greed' improved the appetite, 'Anger' was said to be a general cure-all and 'Joy' kept Linius Pallitax going during the hard times. It seemed to be that each part of the laboratory served a different purpose. If used in the right way, the whole of the laboratory could create lightning-orbs. The Ancient Laboratory was accessible by two ways: the low-sky cages and the Great Library Tunnel. The Ancient Laboratory was sealed up when the Blood-Red Glister was created. Linius Pallitax rediscovered it, tried what the ancient academics tried, and ended up creating the Gloamglozer.

Distant Future

The Gloamglozer returned to Sanctaphrax during the Third Age of Flight, where it used the Ancient Laboratory to create an army of new Gloamglozers. When Ifflix Hentadile attempted to destroy the Ancient Laboratory, he was killed by a shard of falling glass. Ambris Hentadile, Ifflix's brother, used his phraxpistol to destroy the Laboratory that had caused so much harm.