"T-wuh-g. Fr-uh-nz."
—Anonymous Banderbear

The anonymous banderbear was the first banderbear. Twig befriended. During the events of Beyond the Deepwoods, Twig found the banderbear suffering terribly from a toothache, and Twig pulled the rotten tooth out. In return, the banderbear looked after Twig, showing him the edible fruits in the Deepwoods and caring for him. The banderbear was killed by some wild wig-wigs, and its last act was to help Twig to safety. Twig wore the banderbear's tooth around his neck as a charm for the rest of his life, and when he later encountered Hubble, the banderbear immediately recognized him as the boy described by the anonymous banderbear's yodeling calls.


The anonymous nanderbear was voted "Banderbear you would most like to meet" in October 2017 with 58.82% of the votes. Do you agree? [1]