"Squire Blunt-Saw! I've seen ironwood stumps with a better finish than that. This isn't a mast, it's an eyesore. Do it again!"
—Arboretum Sicklebough

Arboretum Sicklebough was the Hall Master of Storm Cloud in the Knights Academy. He was a treegoblin, and gambled his money foolishly on fromp-fights. Due to his gambling debts and barkfever, Arboretum Sicklebough was often ill-tempered.[1]

He was kicked out of the Knights Academy by Hax Vostillix, because he borrowed earth-scholarship barkscrolls from the Great Library about fromps.[2]


The word "arbor" means tree in Latin, and a "bough" is another word for a branch, making Arboretum Sicklebough a very fitting name for a treegoblin as well as an expert in woodcraft.


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