Bagswill was a flathead goblin who lived in Sanctaphrax. He once served on the Treasury Guard, and at the Palace of Shadows, but was fired by Linius Pallitax for corruption.

Role in The Curse of the Gloamglozer

Bagswill worked for Sub-Dean Seftus Leprix and aided him with his assassination attempts on the Most High Academe, Linius Pallitax.

He used a remembering-rope to recall information, making a knot for each thing on the length of twine, a tool he employed when he observed Quint Verginix and the Most High Academe using the low-sky cages[1].

Bagswill severed the chain of the low-sky cage, trying to kill Linius Pallitax. However, Quint and Maris Pallitax were aboard and barely escaped with their lives.[2]

Bagswill and his master attempted to kill the Most High Academe with hyleberry and sapwine cordial, poisoned with hover-worm venom. Tweezel accepted the gift, but he brought Linius a different bottle, so his master was spared.[3]

Later on, Tweezel re-gifted the poisoned bottle of cordial to Leprix's servant, Jervis, who served it to Leprix and Bagswill. They floated off into Open Sky and certain death, becoming the subject of conspiracy theories for years to come.[4]


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