The Battle in the Mire was a fight that took place during the events of Stormchaser. The battle took place between Twig and Screed Toe-Taker out in the Mire.


When the crew of the Stormchaser landed in the Twilight Woods, only Twig, the Stone Pilot, Hubble, Spiker and the Professor of Light managed to reach the Mire, where they found Screed, offering his services as a guide. One by one, Screed killed everyone but Twig, Maugin and the Professor of Light.

After Spiker's death, Twig realized what their guide was up to and tried to stop him from killing the Stone Pilot as well. By that time, Twig had little experience fighting, but he managed to stop Screed's attacks with his father's sword. However, he slipped in the mud and dropped his sword. Screed stepped on his arm with his foot and was preparing to kill him, leaning his terrible scythe to Twig's neck. However, while Screed was distracted by the Professor of Light's call of "Screedius Tollinix!", Twig climbed to his feet and was able to kill Screed Toe-Taker with a blow of his sword.