The Battle of Farrow Lake was a battle in Weird New Worlds. It took place between the inhabitants of the Farrow Ridges, organised into the Farrow Lake Militia; and the Farrow Lake Company, a group of mire-pearlers who wished to take the pearl of the Great Blueshell Clam of Farrow Lake. The battle took place over three days, and was likened to the Battle of the Midwood Marshes by the combatants. Even though both sides suffered great losses, the Farrow Lake Militia won.

Cade Saga

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The battle happened in similar form in the Cade Saga that replaces Weird New Worlds, even if it was not named the 'Battle of Farrow Lake'. There was no Farrow Lake Militia, but the inhabitants of the Farrow Ridges, the Webfoot Goblins of Fifth Lake Village, the White Trogs and the Shadow Clan of Hammerhead Goblins united against the mire pearlers and their leader, Merton Hoist who was in turn acting for Quove Lentis.