The Battle of Lufwood Mount.

The Battle of Lufwood Mount was a battle in Freeglader with the citizens of Undertown, the Ghosts of Screetown, the Sky Pirates, and the Librarian Knights against the Shrykes. The battle took place on the Lufwood Mount in the Deepwoods during the Undertowners' journey to the Free Glades. It ended when Xanth Filatine slayed Mother Muleclaw the Third.

The battle began when the shryke flock reached the Ironwood Stands, expecting to find the Undertowners helplessly unprotected. However, the shrykes movements had been premeditated by the Librarians, and they left dummies sitting on the ironwood branches which the shrykes fell upon. Before they realised themselves to now be in danger, Librarian Knights on skycraft launched blazing arrows at the battle-flock, and many shrykes succumbed to the attack, as the stands erupted in flame.

Soon the Knights fell back and the shrykes, with still a mighty force, engaged their first foes - the Ghosts, at the base of the Lufwood Mount. Previously, the Ghosts and Sky Pirates had felled the trees on the Mount, so that they may use their trunks as a defensive barrier, and not allow the shrykes to have the trees to hide in. This proved to be some protection against their foe. However, forced back, it wasn't long before the Ghosts retreated to the line of the Sky Pirates.

This line was lead by Deadbolt Vulpoon, and he ordered volleys of arrows directed at the shrykes. Once again nevertheless, the battle-flock swarmed over the second barricade. Still the defenders were forced back, until they reached the final barricade held by the Librarians who had regathered from their previous assault.

However, defeat appeared inevitable until the miraculous arrival of the Freeglade Lancers, who forced back the shrykes. In the moment of confusion which ensued throughout the latter's army, Xanth slew Mother Muleclaw. Without the Roost-Mother to control the inexperienced battle flock, the shrykes turned on each other in their blood lust. The Undertowners were saved, and the shrykes suffered such an enormous blow to their empire that they lost their influence as a superpower in the Edgeworld.