The Battle of the Phrax Glade was a bloody clash between the Third Roost of the Freeglade Lancers on one side and the Death-Cheaters and Hammerhead Goblins

who worked for Lentil Spume, Sister Blackbeak and Squive on the other.  The Freeglade Lancers were victorious, with Lentil Spume killing himself as he realized he'd lost,  and Squive stabbed with an ironwood lance by Rufus Filatine, who received his boards and a promotion to Corporal for his bravery.

The Buildup to the Battle

Phrax Glade was established by Lentil Spume as a clearing very similar to the destroyed Foundry Glades, keeping its priniples of slavery and unsufferably harsh conditions. He used it to produce Phraxfire Globes, which he then sold to Hammerhead Goblins who wanted to invade the Goblin Nations, in return for some of the loot. Sister Blackbeak and Squive enslaved four Nameless Ones  to help shift the precious stormprax which they used to make the Phraxfire Globes. However, one of them escaped and was killed by Sergeant Logglimb, who returned its body to the Free Glades. The Fifth Splinter of the 4th High Branch troop was sent to investigate the abandoned Foundry Glades (where the Nameless One came from) and lost three Freeglade Lancers when Sister Blackbeak threw a Phraxfire Globe at the hiding Lancers. Rufus Filatine was dispatched with Tam Whytewinter to summon reinforcements, but the pair became lost in treecloud and stumbled upon Phrax Glade. Having being spotted, seven Death-Cheaters attacked them. Rufus and Tam managed to escape and reported their findings to Commander Rook Barkwater, who then ordered the entire Third Roost to destroy Phrax Glade once and for all!