Blog One-Tusk was a goblin who lived in the Goblin Nations during the Second Age of Flight.


Along with his friend Teg Tet-Tug, he fought in a grey goblin "swarm". After hearing pans for an attack on the Eastern Roost, him and Teg fled to the Free Glades, where he joined the Freeglade Lancers. He and his prowlgrin, Vendax, fought in the Battle of Lufwood Mount and the War for the Free Glades.  

After retiring from the military, he took up painting, and painted several tavern signs in New Undertown, including The Darkelm, The Waif-Whisperer, and The Logworm's Rest. He also, using woodink, sketched the owner of these taverns, Mother Stabberbeak, an unknown mire-scavenger and his friend Teg Tet-Tug. He wrote a series of letters to the Librarian Knights, giving a detailed description of life in New Undertown. 


The letters and accompanying sketches were published on Chris Riddell's Tumblr as well as on the Edge Chronicles Facebook page in 2013. They were drawn and handwritten by Chris Riddell. The letters mention characters that have never appeared in the Edge Chronicles.

Insights in the Edge Chronicles Black Notebook