The Bloodoak Tavern.

The Bloodoak Tavern was a Bloodoak-themed inn in Undertown during the First Age of Flight, run by Mother Horsefeather. In addition to owning the Bloodoak Tavern, Mother Horsefeather also financed many Sky Pirates, including Cloud Wolf and, later, his son, Twig.

The tavern was destroyed in the Dark Maelstrom, along with the rest of Undertown. Its legacy was continued in New Undertown, at the similarly named New Bloodoak Tavern.


The tavern was located at the end of a busy street in Undertown, near the Boom-Docks. A metal sign with a painting of a bloodoak and the words The Bloodoak Tavern beneath hung above the ironwood door. The warm and humid interior was filled with people sitting either around round tables (mostly sky pirates) or (preferred by hammer- and flathead goblins) standing around communal troughs. Winebarrels covered the right wall. On the opposite side, a fire was burning. At the back of the tavern, stairs led up to the first landing filled with hammocks to rent, to a second floor with private rooms to hire and a third floor with large attic-rooms.[1]


Role in the Edge Chronicles

Role in the Quint Trilogy

In The Sky Chart, Tweezel resided in the attic of the Bloodoak Tavern. Maugin visited him there to tell him what had happened to Quint and Maris.[1]


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