A drawing from Chris Riddell's black Edge notebook.

The Bone Clan of the High Valley Nation was a nomadic tribe of hammerhead goblins living in the Western Woods, around the Farrow Ridges.

The bone clan specialised in hunting and fighting. They were the strongest clan in the Western Woods, and their clan chief, Baahl was the leader of the Hammerhead Nations. Their warriors wore bone armours, and fought using thorn-pikes, shields, serrated swords, axes and blackwood bows.

Role in the Cade Saga

In Doombringer, Cade and Phineal were captured by the Bone Clan, who thought they were Mire Pearlers. The goblins then saw Cade's clan ring and realised he could not have been a Mire Pearler. After explaining who they really were, Cade and Phineal persuaded the Clan to help defend the Farrow Ridges against Merton Hoist and the Mire Pearlers

 Known Clan Members