"You really ought to watch where you're going, lamplighter. Could have been a nasty accident."

-Branxford Drew

Branxford Drew was the spoilt son of Friston Drew, a wealthy phraxlamp-maker. Though on the surface he was handsome and charismatic, inside he was manipulative and selfish, and he despised Nate Quarter for taking his father's respect and attention. He had previously been in a relationship with Eudoxia Prade, but she left him after witnessing his cruel behaviour towards Nate.

When Branxford discovered that his father planned on naming Nate the heir to the business, he conspired with Felftis Brack to kill him. Friston's office blew up just when Nate reached the platform at a thousandsticks match, and Nate was implicated for the crime.

When Felftis Brack was arrested and placed on trial, he named Branxford as his accomplice. Branxford tried to flee Great Glade on a stolen phraxship to escape arrest, but patrolling phraxships of the Great Glade Militia shot his vessel, causing him to go down over the Deepwoods in a fireball.