The Bringer of Doom was a giant league ship which appeared during the events of Clash of the Sky Galleons, notable for being the largest First Age sky ship ever with a single flight-rock.

Designed as a secret weapon by Imbix Hoth to vanquish the sky pirates, The Bringer of Doom had six masts, a crew consisting of pedigree black-feathered shrykes, top-grade bloodoak decking, a massive array of weapons, and a flight-rock sixteen strides across. Despite its colossal size, The Bringer of Doom was incredibly fast and agile, owing to the size and quality of its flight-rock. In order to create such a massive ship, the growth of the flight-rock was delayed by inserting a crystal of stormphrax into the rock to weigh it down. However, the stormphrax was not removed after the rock was harvested, which later caused the flight-rock to malfunction, crashing the ship.