Brod was a short, lean grey goblin, who was a Forlorn Hoper aboard the Xanth Filatine. He jumped onto the ship at Hive, eight voyages before Cade. After getting caught by Drax Adereth and having two fingers cut off his right hand, he claimed he kept to the lower decks, trying to stay out of Drax's way. He found Cade a footman's jacket and told him to ascend to the upper decks and steal something, saying he'd look after Cade's backpack for him.

It turned out that Brod was actually working for Drax, finding those who tried to hide from him. While Cade was hiding in Tillman Spoke's cabin, Brod stole a mire-pearl necklace and planted it in Cades pack. He then returned the pack to Cade and tipped off a skymarshal. This got Cade out of the cabin, so Drax could recapture him.