"I have three older brothers. I've had to learn how to hold my own."
—Magda Burlix[1]

Burlix was the surname of a prominent fourthling family in the Second Age of Flight.

Family History

"I had five sons... Magda my wife died, though, followed less than a year later by Xanth."
—Rook Barkwater[2]

Magda Burlix was her parents' fourth child[1]. She grew up in the Great Storm Chamber Library, located in the sewers underneath Undertown. She was a proficient academic, being noticed by the High Council by her mid teenage years. During the Librarian's Announcement Ceremony of 84 ᴇ.ʏ., Magda was chosen to journey to the Free Glades in order to become a Librarian Knight and to embark on her treatise voyage.[3]

In 87 ᴇ.ʏ., Magda was captured and imprisoned by the Guardians of Night when she went looking for Rook Barkwater[4]. She was later rescued from the Tower of Night by Xanth Filatine[5].

She was shot down above the Eastern Roost in 88 ᴇ.ʏ.[6] and dragged her skycraft, the Woodmoth, back to the Free Glades[7] in time to offer exonerating testimony during Xanth's Reckoning[8]. She fought in the War for the Free Glades, leading many librarian knights into battle[9][10].

Following the events of Freeglader, Magda married Rook. They had five sons and lived together in the Free Glades for many years. She passed away a year before Xanth.[11]

Known Family Members

Family Members

Close Relatives

Family Tree

Burlix Family
Three older brothers
Magda Burlix
Rook Barkwater
Five sons


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