Captain Barkscruff was a woodtroll of the Third Age of Flight. He captained the phraxbarge that Nate Quarter and his friends took to find Galston Prade in Hive.


Captain Barkscruff was a woodtroll from the Midwood decks and the captain of the phraxbarge Old Glory. He was part of the organisation known as the Free Timbersmiths, who were opposed to the confiscation of lufwood timber by Hive (and the unsustainable way Hive lumberjacks would gather lumber) and the annexing of the Midwood Decks to Hive.


In The Immortals, Captain Barkscruff ferried Nate and his friends to Hive[1]. In the end he didn't take Nate's money for the flight, because he saw them as allies to the Free Timbersmiths[2].


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