The five Clan Chiefs of the Goblin Nations

Clan Chiefs were the rulers or chieftains of goblin tribes, villages, and cities. They had ultimate authority, and sometimes formed councils in larger settlements, such as the Goblin Nations and the city of Hive.

The Clan Chiefs of the Goblin Nations

Kulltuft Warhammer

The clan chiefs of the goblin nations met in the Great Clan-Hut. Under Hemtuft Battleaxe's influence, they supplied citizens of the Goblin Nations to Hemuel Spume for use as slaves in the Foundry Glades. The conflict ended in the War for the Free Glades Eventually, his people, especially the Friends of the Harvest rose up against them and the clan chiefs were overthrown in the Battle of the Barley Fields.

The Clan Chiefs of Hive

When the Clan Chiefs of Hive began the war with Great Glade, forcing many citizens to join the Hive Militia and fight in the gruesome Battle of the Midwood Marshes and introducing harsh punishments such as barrelling, they were overthrown and replaced with the democratic Council of Hive.

Notable Clan Chiefs

Clan Chiefs of Isolated Villages

Clan Chiefs of the Four Lakes

Clan Chiefs of the Goblin Nations

Clan Chiefs of Hive