A cloddertrog

Cloddertrogs were a large, bulky variety of trog with big, lumpy noses, jutting foreheads, small, bloodshot eyes, and prominent yellow teeth. Cloddertrogs were known for their violent disposition towards outsiders, but they were quite loyal to friends and family. Cloddertrogs were happy with simple, heavy-lifting jobs such as loading and unloading at port docks, and were well built for such tasks. Most cloddertrogs were also quite superstitious, tending to believe in spirits and ghosts.

Many nomadic tribes of cloddertrogs roamed through the Deepwoods prior to the Second Age of Flight, after which some groups settled in the Cloddertrog Caves in the Free Glades. A large population of cloddertrogs lived in the Boom-Docks of Undertown, and they also made up a large part of the gatekeepers of the Knights Academy in The Winter Knights. Some cloddertrogs even became sky pirates.

Notable Cloddertrogs