Cloud Quarter was one of the twelve districts of the city of Great Glade.

A towering, hilly community of schools and academies--the most famous of which was the Great Glade Academy--Cloud Quarter served a very similar purpose to the floating city of Sanctaphrax from the First Age of Flight. In contrast, Cloud Quarter welcomed both Earth-Scholarship and Sky-Scholarship, but its schools were still full of the same rumor, intrigue, and plotting that Sanctaphrax had been infamous for centuries before. The academics of Cloud Quarter were very disdainful of the descenders. They shut down the Society of Descenders, and, when similar experiments began to occur in the School of Edge Cliff Studies, the other schools of Cloud Quarter began to restrict funding to the academy.

In the Cade Saga, the High Professor of Flight, Quove Lentis seized Cloud Quarter for himself and declared descending heresy[citation needed].