Copperwood was one of the twelve districts of the city of Great Glade, established by Mangobey Cartshank[1]. Heavily industrialized like the East Glade, Copperwood was the district where Nate Quarter found work, at the Gremlop and Drew stiltshop in Steamhammer Yard, after fleeing from the Phraxmines of the Eastern Deepwoods. It was known to be the friendliest of all the districts.[2]


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Copperwood had a Thousandsticks Team, the Copperwood Thousandsticks Team. Other than districts like New Lake, Copperwood´s team consisted entirely of its habitants. This was because Copperwood lacked the money to pay for expensive players; every player had to come up for his own equipment. Due to the immense diversity of Copperwood´s population (because of constant migration) and the pride in playing for ones own quarter, Copperwood was nevertheless a successful team.


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