The Doombringer was a large phraxship operating during the Third Age of Flight, under the command of the mire pearler Merton Hoist. During the events of the book of the same name, Hoist and the Doombringer laid siege to the Farrow Ridges. They intended to enslave the populace, drain the Farrow Lake, and to harvest every mire-pearl they could find; including the massive one within the new Blueshell Clam growing in the lake.

Its name is likely a reference to the Bringer of Doom, the largest sky galleon ever built by the Leagues of the First Age, which during its brief period of activity was responsible for the devastation of dozens of sky pirate ships.


The Doombringer was vast, and its entire hull was painted with pine-pitch, making it black in appearance. Its phraxchamber was centrally located on its top deck, and its prow bore a powerful swiveling phraxcannon with which the ship could devastate ground targets. Strung from the ship's rigging were hundreds or perhaps thousands of skulls, each with a candle inside to create hundreds of macabre lanterns.


After the death of Merton Hoist at the hands of Tug, and his entire crew during a logworm cascade, the Doombringer was scuppered on the shores of the Farrow Lake, and disassembled so that its timbers could be used to build a new village for the webfoot goblins and the many slaves freed from the Doombringer.