Drax Adereth was a cruel criminal in the pay of the High Professor of Flight, Quove Lentis, employing thieves on the phraxvessel Xanth Filatine. Drax Adereth was arrested by skymarshals and had to spend three months in prison. He was then freed by his employer, Quove Lentis, and full of hatred wanted to take revenge on Cade Quarter.


Drax Adereth was a fourthling, possibly half slaughterer or grey goblin. His skin was unnaturally pale and his white hair formed to spikes. His teeth were even and small.


Drax made forlorn hopers like Cade pay for the voyage. Those without money had to steal valuables from the rich passengers on the higher decks, always in danger of getting caught by the officials of the sky vessel. If one didn't pay him within a week of travel, Drax Adereth would find him and cut off one finger, which he would stock in glass bowls.

He controlled much of the staff of the Xanth Filantine and also acted as an hired assassin.