Duggin was a gnokgoblin who lived in Undertown, and later became part of the crew of the Galerider. He was an excellent sky ferry pilot.


Duggin forged a lowly living in Undertown, earning money by journeying passengers across the Edgewater River on his small sky ferry, the Edgehopper. When he transported the sky pirate captain Wind Jackal, the man took to him immediately, and paid him extra for his fine flying. Later he was approached by Maris, one of Wind Jackal's crew. Duggin helped Maris to save Wind Jackal and his son, and was soon invited to join the Galerider's crew. He had many adventures on board the sky ship, and he finally settled down in Undertown with Tem Barkwater and Spillins the oakelf, returning to his sky ferry business.