The Eastern Roost was a shryke city founded to give the shrykes total control over the Great Mire Road. Though travelers and merchants are allowed in through the Mire side, only shrykes were permitted to enter and exit the Eastern Roost through the Deepwoods side, allowing the shykes to completely dominate all trade between Undertown and the Deepwoods.


The Eastern Roost consisted of a vast network of enormous wooden platforms propped up on massive wooden stilts. The walkways and platforms were lined with shops and stalls. Merchants sold their wares in the lower roosts, while the shrykes lived in the upper roost areas.

Complete list of Presiding Roost-Mothers throughout history


The Last of the Sky Pirates

During the events of The Last of the Sky Pirates, Rook, Stob, and Magda entered the Eastern Roost disguised as Undertown merchants, and sneaked out through the Deepwoods exit with the assistance of a shryke-mate named Hekkle. Shortly thereafter, Xanth Filatine passed through the city in his pursuit of the Librarian Knights elect.


During the events of Vox, Mother Muleclaw the Second sent her entire battle-flock from the Eastern Roost to Undertown in a move to slaughter the Librarians Academic and the goblin mercenaries of General Tytugg. The entire battle-flock perished in the battle, leaving the Eastern Roost with no army.


During the events of Freeglader, Matron Featherhorn hatched a new battle-flock in the Eastern Roost, this flock, led by Mother Muleclaw the Third, ambushed the Undertowners at Lufwood Mount. This flock was also beaten, this time by the Freeglade Lancers, and Xanth Filatine beheaded Mother Muleclaw, obliterating the final generation of warrior shrykes, and by extension, putting an end to the bird-creatures' era of terror.