The Edgedancer was Twig's first sky ship. It was

commissioned for him by Mother Horsefeather in exchange for the secret of safe phraxdust production; she also gave him enough money to recruit a crew from throughout Undertown. At the beginning of Midnight Over Sanctaphrax, the Edgedancer undertook a three-week voyage out into Open Sky in search of Cloud Wolf and the Stormchaser. It was guided by the Caterbird, who was tethered to the bow. The ship made it to the ultimate calm at the center of the Mother Storm, but it was destroyed by an explosion caused by the building pressure of a White Storm. The crew were rocketed to all different parts of the Edge in the form of shooting stars, while falling chunks of debris from the ship caused massive damage in Undertown and Sanctaphrax.


  • Twig (Arborinus Verginix)