The Edgelands was a barren, rocky region that formed the border between Open Sky and the Deepwoods and Twilight Woods in the north and south. Falling of the Edge itself was a constant risk in the Edgelands. The Edgelands was shrouded in mist and bombarded by numerous shrieks and howls, so it was the subject of much fear and superstition. Many believed that evil spirits, wraiths, and half-formed things made their homes in the Edgelands. However, in the Third Age of Flight academics from Hive performed experiments and discovered that the eerie mists and howls were due to natural processes taking place within the rocks of the Edgelands, not supernatural presences. The Gloamglozer Rock was located at the edge of the cliff in the northern Edgelands and Wilderness Lair was located just beneath the rock.

Role in the Edge Chronicles

During the Quint Trilogy

In Cloud Wolf, Ice Fox called together a Sky Pirate meeting at Wilderness Lair, which is in the Edgelands, to discuss the raid on the Great Sky Whale.

During the Twig Trilogy

In Beyond the Deepwoods, Twig ended up in the Edgelands after fleeing from a forest fire. He encountered the Gloamglozer at the very edge of the cliff and was tricked into stepping off of the cliff by it, but a caterbird saved him and took him to the Stormchaser.

During the Rook Trilogy

In The Last of the Sky Pirates, Twig, Rook, and their eight banderbear allies ventured to Wilderness Lair in the Edgelands to retrieve the Skyraider for their attack on the Tower of Night. In Freeglader, the groups participating in the Third Great Migration passed through the Edgelands to avoid going through the Twilight Woods on their way from the Mire to the Deepwoods.

Linguistic Note

Sometimes the term "Edgelands" was used to refer to the whole Edgeworld, not just this one region.