Farrow Lake was a large lake in the Farrow Ridges.

Many small settlements like Fifth Lake Village existed around its shores, and it was home to the Great Blueshell Clam of Farrow Lake as well as many animals like Lake-Eels, Lakefish and Snaggletooths.

Farrow Lake in Weird New Worlds

In Weird New Worlds, the Farrow Lake was one of many lakes of the Deepwoods all connected by a vast network of water tunnels. A Borella lived in the Farrow Lake, as did many fish, like Bellyfish, Craycritter, Henchpike and Lake-Eels. The White Trogs fished in the underlake, a part of Farrow Lake that was accessible though the caves behind the Five Falls where the Trogs lived. Many settlers like Forden Drew and Hedgethorn Lammergyre lived at the Farrow Lake, welcoming newcomers such as Phineal Glyfphith and his fellow clam-tenders. The new-founded Farrow Lake Militia defended the Farrow Lake when it was attacked. Later, Farrow Lake Company was founded and a village, of which the mayor was Hedgethorn, founded. Farrow Lake was also known as Cloud Catcher among Webfoot Goblins, and as Daylight Lake and Water Beyond to the White Trogs in Weird New Worlds.