Farrow Lake Militia

A flathead goblin and a white trog of the Farrow Lake Militia

The Farrow Lake Militia was a militia founded by the peoples of the Farrow Ridges when the webfoot goblin inhabitants discovered that a group of mire-pearlers were coming to the Ridges to steal the pearl of the sacred Great Blueshell Clam of Farrow Lake. For the first time ever, the clans and settlements of the Farrow Ridges came together in a council. They decided to create the Farrow Lake Militia, with each of the settlements and clans taking up one of the traditional roles of a militia. Later, the leaders of the Farrow Ridges also formed the Farrow Lake Delegation, a group consisting of three individuals whose mission was to seek assistance from Great Glade. They succeded, and the Farrow Lake Militia was joined by a small faction of Freeglade Lancers.


Each of the clans and settlements of the Farrow Ridges were given roles within the Farrow Lake Militia as follows:

As there was no clan or settlement specifically skilled with prowlgrins, the cavalry was made up of recruits, including some former Freeglade Lancers.