Felix Lodd was the son of Fenbrus Lodd, brother of the great Varis Lodd and the leader of the Ghosts of Screetown. Though he had little aptitude for study and scholarship, Felix was a strong-willed, courageous, and good-natured individual.

Role In The Last Of The Sky Pirates

Felix was originally a senior apprentice in the Great Storm Chamber Library, and spent a lot of his time with Rook. They were the best of friends, while Rook helped Felix with his studies. Felix, for his part, drove away the bullies that teased Rook. Together, they made a strong team.

Felix believed that he would be chosen to travel to the Lake Landing Academy to become a Librarian Knight. However, Rook was chosen instead, and Felix felt as though he had let his father down. Leaving Rook his prized sword, he left the Great Storm Chamber Library for Screetown. The Librarians presumed him to be dead.

Role In Vox

Felix eventually became the leader of the Ghosts of Screetown. When Rook crashed his skycraft in Screetown, the friends were reunited, and Felix invited Rook to dinner in the Sunken Palace.

Later, Felix and his Ghosts helped the Undertowners escape their destroyed city to the Mire, where they would be safe from the Dark Maelstrom. Though he was reunited with his father, he felt let down at his father's reaction to his reappearance.

Role In Freeglader

Felix and his Ghosts, accompanied by Sky Pirates from the Armada of the Dead, helped transport the Undertowners safely across the Mire to the Edgelands, and then on to the Free Glades. After the tragic death of his sister, Varis, Felix made up with his father and worked together with him to recreate the destroyed Great Library of the Free Glades.


Felix Lodd had a Phraxship named after him during the Third Age of Flight.