Fettle-leggers were a unique, sentient species. They were mostly similar to fourthlings in appearance but had a few notable differences. During the Third Age of Flight, many fettle-leggers lived in villages near the Northern Reaches.



A fettle-legger

Fettle-leggers had unusual legs and feet; they were bird-like. Fettle-leggers’ legs were thin and scaly, and their feet were large and had three long, clawed toes. Their ankles were knobbly and bent backwards. Due to the unique structure of their legs, fettle-leggers took quick, springy steps. Fettle-leggers’ upper bodies were similar but not quite identical to those of fourthlings; their eyes were large and browless and their hair was thick, dark, and blue-tinged. Less differently from fourthlings, fettle-leggers were gangly and their faces were narrow and chiseled.



Fettle-leggers were humble weavers. They spun all kinds of material on their hand looms for a living. Unfortunately for them, during the Third Age of Flight fog mills rendered their weaving obsolete with swift mass production of woven materials. Due to this, some groups of starving fettle-leggers were lured to migrate to Sanctaphrax by gloamglozers.


Fettle-leggers wore woven moss cloaks that stretched down to their feet and had many pockets for storing things. They also wore high ribbed collars. Fettle-leggers left their hair as a matted tangle and wove clumps of fragrant herbs into it. Fettle-leggers did not wear shoes.

Notable Fettle-Leggers