Fifth Lake Village was a village at the Farrow Ridges in the Third Age of Flight.


Third Age of Flight

Fifth Lake Village was founded by the clam-tenders, Webfoot Goblins from Four Lakes. When Four Lakes had been destroyed and exploited by mire pearlers and the traditional ways of life lost, some goblins set out with their skycrafts to search for another Great Blueshell Clam. Phineal Glyfphith succeeded when he found the Great Blueshell Clam of Farrow Lake. Every lake of Four Lakes had its own tribe of webfoot goblins and its own village, so the fifth lake where webfoot goblins united in the spirit of the Great Blueshell Clam also got its own village: Fifth Lake Village. After the Battle of Farrow Lake, many former slaves decided to stay at the Farrow Ridges and Fifth Lake Village started to grow into a town.

Role in the Edge Chronicles

Role in Doombringer

When the mire pearlers from the Gorges with their leader, Merton Hoist who acted on behalf of Quove Lentis, attacked the Farrow Ridges, the webfoot goblins defended the lake. Together with Cade Quarter, Thorne Lammergyre, Celestia and Blatch Helmstoft, the wild Shadow Clan of Hammerhead Goblins and the at first reluctant White Trogs they succeeded in defending their paradise. Fifth Lake Village, which had been destroyed by Merton Hoist, was rebuilt with the help of the former slaves that had been onboard the Doombringer.

Fifth Lake Village in Weird New Worlds

In Weird New Worlds, the settlement on the shores of Farrow Lake was not called Fifth Lake Village, but the settlement existed and Hedgethorn Lammergyre was its elected mayor.

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