Wild flitterwaifs in the Nightwoods

Flitterwaifs were waifs which inhabited the Nightwoods. Just like all other waifs, flitterwaifs were capable of speaking using only telepathy.

Unique Characteristics

Flitterwaifs appeared to be the most arboreal species of waif, and possessed sharp, hooked talons which enabled them to grip onto branches of trees easily. Additionally, they were carnivores, and were able to ensnare their prey by deceit through feeding them lies. These waifs were also far more savage in manner and appearance than most other waifs, with sharp fangs and being the only known waifs to possess wings, which were leathery, giving flitterwaifs a close resemblance to bats.

Role in Midnight Over Sanctaphrax


Flitterwaifs attempting to feed on the weakened Cowlquape

Twig, Woodfish, and Cowlquape encountered wild flitterwaifs in Midnight Over Sanctaphrax. The flitterwaifs lured Cowlquape away, but Twig and Woodfish managed to rescue him.[1]

Role in The Immortals

Golderayce One-Eye owned a flitterwaif as a pet. This flitterwaif also served as a watchman against intruders in the Garden of Life. It was killed by Nate Quarter using a lampstaff as he travelled through The Keep.[2]


Golderayce's trusty flitterwaif

Notable Flitterwaifs


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