Forden Drew was a young fourthling who came from Hive to live in the Farrow Ridges during the events of Weird New Worlds. He was one of the two main characters of the story. Forden probably inspired the character of Cade Quarter, the main protagonist of the Cade Saga that replaces Weird New Worlds.


Though distantly related to the wealthy Drew family of Great Glade, Forden Drew and his family were quite poor.

Forden's parents owned a tailor shop in Hive, yet they weren't very successful. They gained a large amount of debt. His father eventually was conscripted into the Hive Militia, and was killed in the Battle of the Midwood Marshes. Soon after, his mother died in Hightown, and there was nothing left in Hive for him. So, after settling his father's debts, he had just enough to buy a trip out to the Deepwoods on the sky tavern the Xanth Filatine. He soon found the Farrow Ridges and decided to stay there. All he had was a phraxmusket and an ironwood spade. It took him three weeks to dig out the main room of his new house. It was located at Low Farrow, between two Lufwood trees overlooking Farrow Lake. He then set upon upgrading his house in many ways. He hunted with his phraxmusket in the woods around, and fished in the lake. He was a good friend of Hedgethorn Lammergyre. When the Farrow Ridges were attacked he commanded a troup of prowlgrin riders and fought bravely.

He fell in love with Alcestia Helmstoft and was left heartbroken when she died in the Battle of Farrow Lake.