"Whereas the Free Glades had always been a beacon of shining light that shone for all the poor, the weak and the downtrodden who wished to start a new life, for any who ended up in the rank mills and dark forges of the Foundry Glades the light of hope was snuffed out for ever."

-The Lost Barkscrolls

The Foundry Glades was a Deepwoods settlement of consisting of huge foundries and furnaces. Originally a single furnace in a tiny glade (known as the Foundry Glade), founded by Hemuel Spume to create pots and pans for passing goblin tribes, the Foundry Glades expanded rapidly, enslaving thousands of goblins. Those who worked in the Foundry Glades for an extended period of time developed Foundry-Croup and died. Knuckle described the Foundry Glades as "Ten times worse than Undertown".

During the events of The Last of the Sky Pirates, Rook, Varis Lodd, and Knuckle attacked the Foundry Glades and released several enslaved banderbears. Later, in Freeglader, Hemuel Spume worked together with the Goblin Nations to attack the Free Glades, intent on enslaving the entire region and turning it into what he called the "Slave Glades". The ensuing battle came to be known as the War for the Free Glades. The Freegladers were ultimately victorious, and the Foundry Glades were shut down.

During the events of The Blooding of Rufus Filatine, the Freeglade Lancers went to the Foundry Glades on a scouting mission. By that time, the region was in ruins. They discovered that Sister Blackbeak and Squive were salvaging materials from the Foundry Glades for use in the Phrax Glade.

Sections of the Foundry Glades