A fourthling teenager – Rook Barkwater

Fourthlings were hybrids of all creatures of the Edge, and were the equivalent of humans in the Edgeworld, to which they were identical except for their pointed ears.

They were capable of interbreeding with other humanoid races of the Edge, resulting in fourthlings with unusual characteristics, such as Felftis Brack or Keris. Kobold the Wise named them for the way their family trees had blood from all four corners of the Edgeworld. In the First Age of Flight, they were rarely seen and mostly unknown to creatues of the Deepwoods. Fourthlings were typically shunned by the various Deepwoods tribes as they did not truly belong to any clan, but they prospered in Undertown and Sanctaphrax, the vast majority of academics, leaguesmen, and sky pirates being of this race. In the Second Age of Flight, fourthlings spread, founding the Free Glades where people of all races could live together peacefully. Further expansion and led to the growth of both existing and new cities such as Great Glade and Hive where all sorts of former Deepwoods inhabitants came together.

Every main protagonist in the Edge Chronicles series has been a fourthling, although some have been multiracial.

Notable fourthlings

First Age of Flight

Second Age of Flight

Third Age of Flight