The Free Glades was a group of permanent settlements in the Deepwoods, which played a central role in the Rook Trilogy. Known throughout the Edge as a beacon of hope, all of its residents were free citizens.

Rook Barkwater, Stob Lummus, Magda Burlix, and Xanth Filatine journeyed to the Free Glades in The Last of the Sky Pirates, and the Librarians, sky pirates, Undertowners, and Ghosts of Screetown relocated there in Freeglader.

Settlements and regions of the Free Glades





The Free Glades were founded by Maris Pallitax and Tweezel. They had been traveling with a group of children who Maris had taken care of and stumbled upon the glades. At the time the Free Glades were unsettled except for a colony of spindlebugs who lived below the Ironwood Glade as well as a small colony of oakelves on Lullabee Island on the North Lake. Tweezel persuaded them to allow settlements to be constructed, and the population of the Free Glades began to grow. As word spread about the glorious new region of freedom and opportunity, new tribes began to relocate to the Free Glades and establish settlements. The Librarians created an academy at the Great Lake, and the city of New Undertown was founded in the north. Eventually woodtrolls, cloddertrogs, gyle goblins, and slaughterers established permanent settlements in the Free Glades, and when Old Undertown was destroyed by the Dark Maelstrom, the citizens of the once-great city relocated to the Free Glades. Following this, the Goblin Nations attempted to invade with an army of goblins and Hemuel Spume of the Foundry Glades attempted to enslave the entire region with a phalanx of massive machines called glade-eaters, but their attack failed.


The most attractive feature of the Free Glades was that everything was free. However, during the Third Age of Flight, it appears, though not stated, that the Free Glades, like the rest of Great Glade has begun to charge merchandise with gladers.

Third Age of Flight

500 years into the Third Age of Flight, the Free Glades expanded massively into a city known as Great Glade. The original Free Glades acted as one of the twelve districts of this huge city.

Free Glades District Third Age of Flight

The Free Glades district of Great Glade in the Third Age of Flight

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