Freeglader was the seventh book in The Edge Chronicles, the ninth book chronologically, and the third book in the Rook trilogy. In this book, the Librarians journeyed from the crumbling city of Undertown to the Free Glades. Meanwhile, however, the Foundry Glade and the Goblin Nations were preparing to attack the Free Glades and enslave all of its residents. A massive battle took place, and the Free Glades were ultimately victorious.

Plot summary

Freeglader began in the economic center of the Edge, Undertown, as it slowly crumbled in the Dark Maelstrom triggered by Vox Verlix. The Undertowners, Ghosts of Screetown, Librarians Academic, and Sky Pirates of the Armada of the Dead began a mass exodus, fleeing to a new life in the Free Glades. This was known as the Third Great Migration.

On the journey to the Free Glades Rook was caught up in a Sepia Storm near the Twilight Woods, having chased after Xanth Filatine in the Edgelands, causing him to lose his memory. Upon reaching the Deepwoods, the group was attacked by the recently hatched battle flock of shrykes at the Lufwood Mount. Only through the timely arrival of the Freeglade Lancers were the Undertowners saved.

Meanwhile, Amberfuce and his nurse, Flambusia Flodfox, arrived at the Foundry Glades. There, he presented his partner, Hemuel Spume, with plans for a group of war machines known as Glade-Eaters, special weapons designed by Vox Verlix. The two, along with the Goblin Nations, began plans for an attack on the Free Glades.

Rook, meanwhile, having regained his memory, joins the Freeglade Lancers. Xanth Filatine, his name cleared, rejoined the Librarian Knights. Everything was peaceful for several months, before the beginning of the War for the Free Glades. The massive Glade-Eaters, backed by the armies of the Goblin Nations, destroyed a large portion of New Undertown before they plunged into the Great Lake, killing Hemuel Spume. Another battle destroyed the Great Library of the Free Glades, and

Varis Lodd sacrificed herself to save her squadron of Librarian Knights. Meanwhile, an enormous battle was raging in the Barley Fields. The Freeglade Lancers fought determinedly but were hopelessly outnumbered. Even the arrival of the banderbears failed to turn the tide. However, at the last minute, large numbers of peaceful goblins revolted, killing the Clan Chiefs. The war ended, and everyone set about rebuilding the Free Glades. Amberfuce was killed by his former nurse, who had been made a slave by Hemuel Spume.

At the end of the book, a strange individual known as the "Mire Pirate" approached Rook and revealed himself to be Tem Barkwater, Rook's great uncle and a member of both Cloud Wolf and Twig's crew. He presented Rook with a small painting portraying a young Quint, Rook's great-grandfather.


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