Twig encounters a gabtroll in Beyond the Deepwoods

Gabtrolls were an unusual variety of troll. Unlike most other Deepwoods races, they did not have any settlements of their own. They also had a reputation for knowing the properties of plants and being able to concoct effective remedies from them.


Gabtrolls’ eyes were not set in their head; they had eyestalks. These eyestalks were long, thick, and rubbery, and they were constantly swaying, elongating, and contracting. The eyes located on top of the eyestalks were green, bulbous, and unblinking. Gabtrolls had to constantly lick their eyes with their long yellow tongues to moisten and clean them, so when they talked their words were constantly interrupted by slurps. Their heads were greasy, and their ears were huge and bat-like. Gabtrolls had five fingers but only two toes.



Gabtrolls had a number of traditional occupations related to their reputed knowledge of plants. Some grew fruits and vegetables to sell at markets. Some created various things from plants, such as teas, potions, or unguents, and either set up shop somewhere or roamed nomadically in wagons drawn by prowlgrins selling them. Some were hired as attendants and used their skills to care for the medical needs of their employer. However, others took up jobs unrelated to plants, such as tavern maids.


Gabtrolls were not native to the Nightwoods, but after the completion of the Waif Trail many gabtrolls migrated to live in Riverrise. They migrated because medicines and cures made with Riverrise water were much more effective than those made with normal water.

Notable Gabtrolls