The Galerider was a sky pirate ship which, at the time of Clash of the Sky Galleons, was around sixty years old. She was an old and durable ship, and was known as one of the finest sky ships ever constructed. She was destroyed in the attack on the Leagues of Undertown's armada of sky ships.


The Galerider's beginnings are unknown, except that she was built a long time before the events of Clash of the Sky Galleons. Her captaincy was eventually taken by the sky pirate Wind Jackal, and he soon built up a lucrative trade shipping goods between Undertown and the Deepwoods. She also participated in some great battles of the time, including the assault on The Great Sky Whale, and the Battle of Wilderness Lair. When the Leagues of Undertown created their own fleet of sky ships, the Galerider, now captained by the young Cloud Wolf, was part of the fleet of sky pirate ships assembled to defeat them. During battle with the monstrous Bringer of Doom, the Galerider's flight rock was super cooled and, after the crew had parawinged overboard, shot off into Open Sky.


The Galerider, flying through a storm.


The Galerider has had at least four captains:


Many years after her destruction, the remaining members of the Galerider's crew moved to Cloud Wolf's sky ship, the Stormchaser.





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