Galston Prade lived in the New Lake district of Great Glade and was the owner of the Prade Phraxmine[8], the richest mine in all of the Eastern Woods[9]. He was also the father of Eudoxia Prade[10].


Before The Immortals

As a young phraxminer, he developed phraxlung[11][9]. The debilitating affliction stayed with him for most of his life until Nate Quarter and his daugter, Eudoxia, cured him with the sacred chine-infused waters of Riverrise[12]. He worked his way up until he eventually became the owner or the Prade Phraxmine. He employed Abe Quarter as a mine sergeant, but let much of his work be done by this assistant, Felftis Brack.[citation needed] Galston lived in an opulent mansion in New Lake, and enjoyed taking long stroll along the lake[13].

Role in The Immortals

His employee, Felftis Brack, tricked Galston into visiting Hive to recruit hammerhead players for the New Lake thousandsticks team. Brack took this time to swindle Galston out of his mansion and business.[9]

Upon reaching Hive, he became a "guest" of the city's grossmothers in their palace atop East Ridge[14]. In truth, he was their prisoner[11]. Feltis had made a deal with Grossmother Meadowdew to facilitate this[9].

He was tricked out of his mansion by Felftis Brack, who took over his business; Brack was eventually arrested and prosecuted.[15]

Brack had coerced Galston's signature[11], making it appear that he'd signed over ownership of the mine and mansion. He explained to the Great Glade Council that Galston had "retired" to the Gyle Palace in Hive and they believed Felftis' lie.[9]

After being freed from the Gyle Palace in Hive, Galston Prade proposed establishing a phraxship works, the Archemax Yard, in Great Glade[15].


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