Gart Ironside owned and maintained a sky platform at the Farrow Ridges.


Before the Cade Saga

He had once flown phraxvessels and built up a fleet of skyships to transport phrax crystals from the mines in the Eastern Woods to Great Glade. Having so made a great fortune and he lived an opulent live in the best quarter of Great Glade, New Lake. He lost everything in "the great swindle", when some merchants sold him a used up phraxmine, and returned to the Deepwoods to a small platform at the Farrow Ridges, providing phraxvessels like the Xanth Filatine with water and Deepwoods goods.[2]

Role in The Nameless One

Gart Ironside rescued Cade and his prowlgrin Rumblix with his phraxlighter when Cade had just abandoned ship fleeing Drax Adereth. He befriended Cade and helped him out, even though he rarely left his platform because he did not like the wilderness of the Deepwoods. He saw an opportunity of leaving his life at the Farrow Ridges behind him and return to the luxurious life in Great Glade when he discovered the holy jewel of the White Trogs. He stole it, but discovered his mistake soon enough to save Cade and his friends from being executed.

Role in Doombringer

Gart Ironside had befriended Blatch Helmstoft and his daughter Celestia Helmstoft and Thorne Lammergyre. He traded cave-cakes in return for crystals and aromatic cave mosses with the White Trogs. He helped to rescue the Farrow Ridges when the Mire Pearlers wanted to exploit and destroy Farrow Lake.


Due to him never leaving his platform, the only place where he felt safe, he was very lonely and thus talkative and friendly when somebody came round to visit him. Gart Ironside missed his old life in Great Glade and was searching for a way to get back to it, although never intending to harm someone.

Role in Weird New Worlds

In Weird New Worlds, a very similar character appeared. He was called Gart Ironshank.


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