A Giant Tree Fromp.

Giant Tree Fromps were massive versions of fromps. Unlike normal fromps, they did not make coughing sounds, but were known for their deep, booming calls. Giant tree fromps had hard, sharp claws that were strong enough to break through the bark of Pinewoods and other thickly armored trees.


The gentle, docile demeanor and enormous strength of giant tree fromps made them well suited for use as beasts of burden. Symbite Goblin tribes such as Treegoblins and Gnokgoblins used giant tree fromps in the Ironwood Glades of the Deepwoods to harvest Lullabee Grubs and other insects. Occasionally, Giant Tree Fromps were also used as steeds in battle. [1] During the events of The Winter Knights, a pair of giant tree fromps were used, alongside several teams of prowlgrins, to run the giant treadmills that winched burning logs up and down the side of the Sanctaphrax rock. Horrendously mistreated and half-starved, the tree fromps were later freed by Fenviel Vendix and took part in the Battle of the Knights Academy[2].


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