"But it'll be all right now, won't it, sir? You being a real living and breathing librarian knight with magic rocks and all."


Gilda was a young gnokgoblin who appeared in the Rook Trilogy. She and Rook Barkwater were captured in a misery hole during the events of Vox. Gilda was terrified, but Rook consoled her, telling her that everything would be all right, and that one day she would see the Free Glades. When the goblin slavers came, Rook helped Gilda to escape, but he himself was carted off to the Slave Market. Gilda kept the sword that had been given to Rook by his best friend Felix Lodd. When Gilda finally met Rook again, on the journey to the Free Glades, Rook had barely survived a storm in the Edgelands. The sword Gilda left for him was found by Xanth Filatine, who fought heroically in the Battle of Luftwood Mount.

Later, Rook and Gilda had a joyous reunion in Freeglader.