Glaviel Glynte (left) next to Sister Horsefeather.

"And I'm telling you, if you haven't paid up in three days, then the Mistmizzen goes back to the boom-docks. What's more, I'd rather rip out its flight-rock and sell it to the Leagues; I'd rather turn its timbers into furnacewood before I ever let you captain her again. Do I make myself clear?"
-Glaviel Glynte

Glaviel Glynte was the owner of the Tarry Vine Tavern in Undertown. He financed sky pirate expeditions, and was notorious for investing in sky pirates other tavern owners were too cautious to back. However, he was also known for ruining those sky pirates who squandered his investments or failed him in some other way. Glaviel Glynte was the one who paid for Thaw Daggerslash's sky barge. He also had a shryke assistant, Sister Horsefeather.