Gold pieces were a form of currency used in Undertown and Sanctaphrax during the First Age of Flight, however, in Undertown, they were used alongside quarters. Later, in the Second Age of Flight, Gold Pieces were also used in the Eastern Roost.

Exchange Rate

One gold piece was equal to one hundred twenty quarters.


  • Someone bet (and lost) two gold pieces on Bruto the Brave at 4-1 odds.[1]
  • Someone bet (and lost) three gold pieces on Magno the Claw at 3-1 odds.[1]
  • Seftus Leprix bet (and won) twenty gold pieces on Wilbus the Sly at 12-1 odds, meaning he won 240 gold pieces. The original odds were 18-1, so he would've won 360 pieces.[1]
  • A tall raintaster apprentice bet 10 gold pieces that the Palace of Shadows would be struck by lightning.[2]
  • Someone bet 15 gold pieces that the Most High Academe would be gone by the next full moon. Linius Pallitax almost died in a fire two days later, and became too weak to perform his duties, so this character won their bet.[2]

Prices in Gold Pieces

  • A young, strong lugtroll slave cost fifteen gold pieces


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