"You will watch helplessly as I cut out your beating heart and hold it in front of your eyes."

-Golderayce One-Eye

Golderayce One-Eye was the Copperwaif Custodian General of Riverrise.

He kept most of the healing Riverrise water to himself, by building the Keep and as a result he lived for over five hundred years.

Earlier life

Golderayce had always considered Riverrise to be property of Waifs. He was intrigued by the strange being that refused to leave, who was actually Maugin, the Stone Pilot. He enjoyed listening to her thoughts, and may have started to love her, but when he realised Maugin only had loyalty to Twig, he killed her with a dart dipped in toxic blackroot oil, just before the sixty-six-year-old Twig arrived at Riverrise, carried by the Caterbird. Golderayce turned the Garden of Life into a prison for Twig.

Years later, Rook found his way to Riverrise, accompanied by Cancaresse, trying to find out what happened to his grandfather. Cancaresse died shortly before Rook arrived at the Garden of Life. Rook was shot with one of Golderayce's darts, but Golderayce was caught off guard by his thoughts of Cancaresse, for these thoughts indicated that Rook was a friend to waifkind. Rook managed to fire a crossbow bolt at Golderayce, and the bolt hit Golderayce in the eye. However, Rook passed out, and he woke up trapped in the Garden of Life with Twig. Days later, they tried to set out to return to the Free Glades, however, Goderayce and his men stopped them as they descended Kobold's Steps. They were then trapped.

Later life


Golderayce in his later years

Five hundred years into the Third Age of Flight, Golderayce was still alive and relatively healthy, although he had a painful twinge in his ankle. He had a pet Flitterwaif, and the Flitterwaif was constantly seen with Golderayce. Golderayce kept most of the healing Riverrise water to himself, but Nate Quarter, seeking the water to help Eudoxia Prade, managed to make their way to the top of Riverrise, with the help of Gilmora and Gomber. However, Golderayce found out Gilmora and Gomber's true feelings, which they had previously hidden with Overthinking, and laid them unconscious. He then hurried to kill Nate, armed with his deadly darts. However, when Golderayce shot the dart, the Caterbird swooped down caused a backdraft, reversing the dart and killing Golderayce instead of Nate.