Goom was an adolescent banderbear and a crew member on the Edgedancer.

Role in the Twig Trilogy

In search of crew members, Twig rescued Goom from Flabsweat's pet shop and took him aboard, where he served as Twig's second-in-command. After the Edgedancer exploded and the crew members were rocketed all over the Edge, Twig and Cowlquape saved him from the Wig-Wig Arena. When Twig, Cowlquape, Woodfish, and Goom found Riverrise during their journey, Twig and Cowlquape sky-fired themselves back to Sanctaphrax to unchain it and left Goom at Riverrise with Maugin and Woodfish.

Later Life

The water of Riverrise kept them healthy and young for decades. At some point, Woodfish left them, taking a supply of restorative water with him.

During The Nameless One, it is mentioned that Goom left the Riverrise Spring after the death of Golderayce One-Eye, and dedicated the remainder of his life to fighting the enslavement of the Nameless Ones in The Nightwoods. He left the Nightwoods in pursuit of the nameless one Tug, who had fled after his mother's death. When he caught up with the nameless one, he found that Cade Quarter - distant descendant of Goom's own sky pirate captain - had saved Tug's life and shown him kindness. Out of gratitude, Goom gave Cade the last of his reserve of Riverrise spring water, saving his life from a deadly poison.

Goom's eventual fate is unknown, but it is likely that he died peacefully shortly after saving Cade's life.

Discrepancies in Weird New Worlds

In Weird New Worlds, Goom left for a Great Convocation of Banderbears after Golderayce One-Eye was dead. Woodfish wandered the Deepwoods and saved Forden Drew's life for saving Kulltuft's.